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Impossible to forget and previously impossible to obtain, the world’s most unique and memorable telephone number is now for sale*. More than just an easily remembered number or clever vanity line, 888-888-8888 is the Holy Grail of telephone numbers. It is the only repeated phone number of its kind.

Partially Repeating Numbers Are Gold.
888-888-8888 Is Legendary.

Phone numbers with repeating digits are universally easier to remember than other phone numbers. You may even know some yourself. However, there is only one phone number in the world that repeats all ten digits: 888-888-8888.

Right now, this virtually-mythical phone number can yours to use however you’d like: as a personal line or a business line. What will you do with the world’s most wanted phone number?

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8 = Wealth, Success

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The number 8 is a number of fortune. It is considered the luckiest number in Chinese and other Asian cultures. Multiple occurrences of 8, especially double-8s, are considered even luckier. By arranging this symbol of prosperity as 88, 8888 or even more consecutive 8s, it signifies increasingly greater joy, abundance, and wealth. Because of this, 888-888-8888 is the most sought-after phone number in the world.

You can choose to own the most desired number on Earth now or lose it to someone else. This is a limited, once-in-a-lifetime offer*. It will not be available long.

What Is the Value of the
Most Unique Number in the World?

Toll-free 800-numbers revolutionized modern industry. By the late ’90s, skyrocketing demand for these valuable phone numbers exhausted their supply. In 1996, 888-numbers were introduced, followed later by 887, 886, and 885-numbers. It’s no wonder why these numbers are in such high demand; phone numbers beginning with 8 have become symbols of professionalism and authority. None more so than 888-888-8888.

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This is a Once-in-a-
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    Additional assets are:
  • 888-888-8888.org
  • 888-888-8888.site
  • Call-8.com

*Disclaimer: HSC INVESTMENTS, LLC is the sole owner of 888-888-8888 and this phone number is one of several assets.